Jason Adams – Broker


Jason Adams is a well experienced, licensed real estate broker, investor, landlord, and property manager in the state of Louisiana. He is a local New Orleanian and alum of the University of New Orleans, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Finance with a concentration in Real Estate. Jason first started in the business of Real Estate at the young age of sixteen by purchasing and flipping homes, as well as assisting in the development of many major commercial properties. His love for construction and project management led him to purchase his first investment property at the age of 21, and he has ever since developed, purchased, renovated, managed, and sold multiple properties. His experience in the field of real estate and property management has brought him to develop his own real estate company, Elite Southern Realty, LLC. Because of the importance Jason places on customer service and productivity, he slowly sought out agents with the same goals in mind. Elite Southern Realty, LLC was structured as a boutique realty company which would specialize on personal relationships. Jason truly believes that if everyone has the same goals in mind, and all parties work with one another, no deal is impossible. With his background, outside the box thinking, advanced marketing campaign, hard negotiating skills, and a plethora of world class innovative resources, Jason and his team are able to conquer many of the impossible tasks presented upon them with a real estate transaction. Since the birth of Elite Southern Realty, LLC, Jason has continued to expand his network in order to assist clients in every aspect of a real estate transaction. Focusing on commercial and residential associates, Jason is able to assist in providing clients with the contacts they need in order to have an effortless and seamless transaction. The end goal is to make one of the most stressful times for most, a simple experience.